The Essentials Hamper - available Nov 9th onwards
The Essentials Hamper - available Nov 9th onwards

The Essentials Hamper - available Nov 9th onwards

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Our starter-level tea hamper is simple and practical but far from basic. It features hand-rolled Spring flush green tea pearls that are naturally infused with the aroma of freshly bloomed jasmine flowers by layering them in alternating bamboo trays and letting the fragrance of the jasmine permeate the soft tissue of the tea leaves. Every two days, the jasmine flowers are replaced with fresh ones and this process is repeated 8 times for our Jasmine Dragonpearl tea, thus taking a total of 16 days.  It also features the famous Japanese roasted green tea called Hojicha. Both the teas have very different flavor profiles: one floral, one nutty, but both are very comfoting and relaxing. This hamper also includes a clear glass Gaiwan, which allows you to infuse the tea whilst enjoying the process of mindfully observing the leaves unfurl and the color of the liqueur deepen, a hand-woven bamboo strainer and 2 Jade porcelain Chinese teacups. A jar of crispy-centered Valrhona chocolate pearls makes for a decadent accompaniment to the teas.


As we wrap up the year and send out our thank-yous to appreciate our hardworking team members and leaders, why not choose an artfully curated hamper that encourages mindfulness and relaxation. Filled with antioxidant-rich, eco-friendly and sustainable loose-leaf teas, traditional tea ware and decadent Valrhona chocolate or Morozoff fuilliage, these hampers will allow the recipient just the downtime they need after a hectic year.

· Hojicha 25 gm

· Jasmine Dragonpearl 25 gm

· 2 Jade Porcelain Cups

· Clear glass Gaiwan

· Handwoven Bamboo strainer

· Japanese cookies instead of chocolate pearls

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