Ripe Puerh Mini Tuo Cha

Ripe Puerh Mini Tuo Cha

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Origin: Mang Fei Mountain area of Yong De (Lincang)
Vintage: 2012
Harvest: First Flush, Spring
Weight: 5 grams

Puerh tea is made from the large-leaf varietal Camellia Sinensis Assamica, and in order for it to truly classify as Puerh tea, it has to come from the Yunnan region of China. Puerh tea is typically pressed into round cakes, bricks or squares, and tuos but can also be found in loose-leaf form. Ripe Puerh (also known as Shou Puerh or Shu Pu)  is fermented for a 40-50 day period and undergoes a mellowing process that changes the tea into something dark red-brown in color.

What makes Puerh special is that it is post-fermented tea, making it possess probiotics, and great as a liver cleanser and digestif.


This Ripe (or Shou) Puerh is pressed cute little mini tuo cha. It was wet piled tea from Mang Fei Mountain area of Yong De (Lincang) in 2012. Although Ripe Puerh is usually made from. Second Flush Spring, or Summer harvested teas, this particular tea used only First. Flush spring harvested. leaves, giving this tea a full-bodied, sweet, smooth, fruity and thick liqueur.  

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