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Meng Ding Gan Lu

Meng Ding Gan Lu

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Origin: Meng Ding Gan Lu (甘露)
Varietal: Chuan Cha #9
Altitude: 450m
Picking: First flush, pure bud

Know your tea: Some schools of thought believe that Meng Ding mountain is the birthplace of tea, and it's known for its high mountains, clean air, and misty peaks! The mountain has 5 peaks, and our Gan Lu (Sweet Dew) tea is plucked in early spring before the Qing Ming holiday, from the slopes of the Gan Lu mountain at an elevation of 450 meters. The buds are tiny, delicate, and forgiving of long infusions. This tea is light and preferred by those who don't seek a strong green tea astringency, as this goes down very smoothly and easily. 

Ingredients: 100% pure tea

Tasting Notes

Tasting Notes:  Fresh-cut flower stems, umami, with a sweet and long finish. 

Liqueur Body: Thick, sweet & savory, clean and smooth. 


We encourage you to experiment with the amount of leaves, amount and temperature of water, and infusion times to reach your preferred strength of tea,  but here's a suggestion for this particular tea: 

Pro Tip: 

Rinse your tea before the first infusion, to 'awaken' the leaves. You can do this by submerging the leaves in warm water at the prescribed temperature and then discarding them.

Most reinfusions require the same or higher temperatures than the first infusion because the leaves will already be moist, but the time for each reinfusion will first reduce till a certain number of reinfusions, and then it will need to be increased till you've maxed out the potential of the leaves.

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