In Arabic, the word ‘Haiyati’ means 'my life'. Tea is quite literally our life, and so we bring you HAIYATEA. 

Our love for tea began over a decade ago, but like most people, we went through a process of educating and training our palates to best understand the beauty of tea and to truly appreciate that not all tea is created equal. There is an undeniable growing love and appreciation for tea in the world, but real, good, artisanal tea which comes from small farms isn't always easily accessible. We want to change that, because some things are just too good not to share!

What started as finding comfort in supermarket teabags, slowly evolved into wanting more and wanting better, not just for us, but for all tea drinkers. We started sampling as many loose leaf teas that we could, and were loving every cup of it!

It was then that we decided to embark on a journey to spread our love of tea by sharing all the knowledge we’ve acquired with you and to share some of our favourite teas, direct from the small farms of China and soon Taiwan and Japan. Not only will we bring you the finest artisanal teas, but we will strive to share with you as much knowledge as we acquire, to help you make every cup of tea you drink, a special one. 

As our teas are not mass/commercially produced, you can expect to regularly be surprised with limited and collectors' editions. 

We encourage you to browse our stock and find something you like, and if you’re unsure of what to pick, you can always send us an email, a message on Instagram or WhatsApp, and our resident tea sommelier will help you pick the right tea for every palate and occasion! 

We hope you find your Cha Qi in every single cup of tea, HAIYATEA xx

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