• Tea supply

    Choose from our extensive variety of exceptional Chinese and Japanese teas
    to suit your needs. Pair the right tea with the right dishes, or use our teas
    in a variety of exciting mocktails and other dishes.

  • Tea consulting

    Work with HAIYATEA to craft a bespoke tea blend that is unique to your brand and is never offered or sold anywhere else. We can also source exclusive teas not available on our tea menu.

  • Tea training

    Our commitment doesn't end when you buy teas from us. We also offer training on tea preparation and tea education, so that your staff are well-equipped to inform and recommend guests a truly exceptional cup of tea.

A selection of hand-picked teas.

We take immense pride in the teas that we source - each one has been selected by us after hours of rigorous tasting and research. We always take the time to find out the true origin of our teas, working directly with farmers to ensure that we receive only the very best teas each harvest season.

Think outside the cup.

Our teas have been used in an exciting number of ways that can surprise and delight your guests. Whether used for cooking, baking, or blending seamlessly into a breathtaking cocktail, the only limit is your imagination.

Get in touch with us to find out how our teas can transform your menu as cold brews, mocktails, and much more.

A tea as unique as your brand.

Want to explore beyond the teas that we offer? We're happy to advise and source custom teas for you to best match your unique needs. We can even create a whole new custom tea blend for your brand, offering your guests an experience of flavors that they'll only get to enjoy at your venues.

Matcha, redefined.

We're huge fans of our matcha, but don't take our word for it - some of the best cafes and restaurants in the city source their matcha directly from us, because we take the time to ensure that our matcha is sourced from farms that are held to the highest standards of quality.

We currently offer beverage grade, culinary grade, and ceremonial grade matcha, as well as small batches of limited edition matcha each year.

Let's talk tea.

Get in touch with us today if you'd like more information on how you can partner with HAIYATEA and learn more about our services.

Or, if you'd just like to meet us for a really good cup of tea.

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