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8 Treasures or Babaocha Tisane Blend

8 Treasures or Babaocha Tisane Blend

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The legendary Eight-treasures of Babaocha Tea can vary in blend from region to region. Ours contains Dried Longan, Chrysanthemum flowers, Rose blossoms, Tangerine peel, Jujubes, Goji berries, Raisins, Rock sugar. A blend originally put together to promote vitality for the women during the late Qing dynasty, this tea is ceremoniously served by the couple to the elderly at weddings as a formality. 

Our Babaocha is made of 8 special ingredients, for a sweet and delicious brew:

1. Dried Longan
2. Chrysanthemum flowers
3. Rose blossoms
4. Tangerine peel
5. Jujubes
6. Goji berries
7. Raisins
8. Rock sugar.

Origin: Sichuan Province
Harvest: Spring 2022

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