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Premium Culinary Grade Matcha

Premium Culinary Grade Matcha

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Origin: Wazuka
Cultivar: Yabukita
Harvest: Autumn

Cultivation:  Unshaded

Tasting Notes: Bitter, strong, astringent. 

Know Your Tea: 

This cooking grade matcha is made by grinding green tea grown in the absence of shade, thus giving it a more robust, astringent and bold flavor profile which one can still manage to taste even after being diluted with other ingredients like eggs, milk, sugar etc. and baked at temperatures that would otherwise be far too high for Ceremonial or Premium grade matcha. This grade of matcha is good for cakes, cookies, pancakes, and much more. 

Preparation Guide 

Depending on how strong you want the matcha flavor to be, sift your preferred amount of matcha powder into the flour and continue your recipe as intended.  

Storage Instructions

Place your matcha container in an airtight ziplock, in the refrigerator. This will ensure that no odors permeate into the container and your matcha. When you need to use some, quickly take it out of the container, close it tightly and place it back in the airtight ziplock in the fridge. This is important in order to prevent any condensation from building on the inside of the jar. Light, heat, and moisture will damage the Matcha. 

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