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Clear Glass Gaiwan

Clear Glass Gaiwan

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This clear glass Gaiwan is a great start to the Gong Fu Cha style of tea brewing as you can witness the color of the liqueur deepening and the leaves unfurling, even with the lid closed. 

A Gaiwan is a lidded Chinese tea bowl used for brewing tea in the traditional Gong Fu Cha style. One of the things that makes a Gaiwan so popular in the modern-day is the ease and convenience with which it allows a high leaf:water ratio for personal consumption and resteeping the tea multiple times in short quick infusions without having to use too many tea leaves.


Material: Glass

Mouth diameter: 8.5cm

Height: 8.5cm

Capacity: 150ml

This item is dishwasher safe, only in the glass setting. 

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