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Competition Grade Komyo Matcha

Competition Grade Komyo Matcha

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This unique matcha blend was made from carefully selected first-class green teas (Ujihikari, Tsuyuhikari, Asahi cultivars), all participants of the 2022 Kansai Tea Exhibition.

Kōmyo makes a light, slightly edgy usucha with a mild but distinctive body that reveals notes of walnuts and fresh, young tea leaves. The nutty and creamy-sweet finish is a long one that lingers on the palate. Kōmyo is ground less smoothly to create a more rustic body and texture. It is a good idea to try to prepare it with higher temperature water (85-90℃), as it greatly softens the flavor besides taking the edge off its tartness. We recommend this tea to seasoned enthusiasts!

Maker: Maruyasu

Origin: Shiga Pref., JAPAN

Ingredients: shaded green tea powder

Best before: MAY / 2024

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