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Flat Tokoname Kyusu Tea Pot

Flat Tokoname Kyusu Tea Pot

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This handmade, flat Kyusu is by ceramics studio Jinsui, one of the six oldest studios in the Tokoname ceramic production region of Aichi, Japan. 

The flat design of this teapot is ideal for Gyokuro and allows sufficient space for the tea leaves to open up horizontally and extract more of the sweetness and umami and less of the bitterness (that tends to be extracted when the leaves brush against each other and get agitated.

The long, sleek handle gives this traditional vessel a modern touch! 

  •  Size:  W190mm×D130mm×H40mm
  •  Volume: 100 ml
  •  Material: Ceramic
  •  Strainer: Ceramic mesh
  •  Tradition: Tokoname-yaki
  •  Region: Tokoname, Aichi, Japan
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