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Jade Dew Gyokuro

Jade Dew Gyokuro

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Origin: Wazuka, Kyoto 
Varietal: Gokou

Know your tea: A truly luxurious tea often reserved only for special occasions and very important guests, a good Gyokuro (also known as Jade Dew is one of the highest grade, most expensive Japanese loose leaf teas one can get their hands on. Similar to the production of Tencha (which is then ground into Matcha), Gyokuro leaves are shaded for 3 weeks prior to harvest, which enables the leaves to develop a richer, sweeter, more complex, and umami flavor profile due to the reduction of sunlight exposure. Gyukoro is processed through steaming, kneading, and rolling and is such a rare and special tea that than 1 percent of all tea made in Japan is Gyokuro. 

Ingredients: 100% pure green tea

Tasting Notes: Umami, Caramel, Honeydew melon

Liqueur Body: Rich, rounded, long finish


We encourage you to experiment with the amount of leaves, amount and temperature of water, and infusion times to reach your preferred strength of tea,  but here's a suggestion for this particular tea: 

3-5 grams of tea per 120ml of water at 75 degrees celicius. Infuse for 30 seconds. Reinfuse up to two times.

Pro Tip: Unlike Chinese teas, Japanese teas should not be rinsed, as the first cup is the most prized one. 

Storage Instructions: Green tea is best stored in the refrigerator, in a dark, dry, airtight container. 

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