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Heavy Roast Tie Guan Yin

Heavy Roast Tie Guan Yin

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Origin: Anxi Province, Fujian, China
Cultivar: Fo Shu
Harvest: Spring
Picking: 3 leaves and stem

Know your tea:

Tieguanyin - the Iron Goddess of Mercy - derives from the homonymous cultivar grown in Anxi, Fujian province. This new version of the more traditional Low-roasted Tieguanyin has a fuller and more intense body, with warm fruity notes of grilled peaches and pomegranate. Its tightly rolled leaves are darker in color and disclose a long-lasting roasted aroma, that fills the air with an intense floral fragrance. This harvest comes from Fo Shou cultivar, which adds a unique minerality to the natural floral fragrance.

Additional complexity is given to the tea by the higher oxidation level that unravels a nuanced range of aromas, releasing three different flavors in the teacup: a mélange of flowers, juicy notes of ripe fruit, and a lingering roasted aftertaste with mellow notes of dark chocolate.

Ingredients: Oolong tea

Tasting Notes: ripe fruit, mineral flowers, roasted chocolate


We encourage you to experiment with the amount of leaves, amount and temperature of water, and infusion times to reach your preferred strength of tea,  but here's a suggestion for this particular tea: 


Pro Tip: Rinse your tea before the first infusion, to 'awaken' the leaves. You can do this by just submerging the leaves in warm water at the prescribed temperature for each particular tea, and then discarding that water. This will also preheat the vessel and prevent the water temperature from drastically falling during the infusion. 

Most reinfusions require the same or higher temperatures than the first infusion because the leaves will already be moist, but the time for each reinfusion will first reduce till a certain number of reinfusions, and then it will need to be increased till you've maxed out the potential of the leaves.

Yield: At least 25 x 150ml cups/pots

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