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Japanese Matcha Whisk (Chasen) - Entry Level

Japanese Matcha Whisk (Chasen) - Entry Level

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A completely hand-made, high-grade Chasen for whisking Matcha green tea into a smooth, velvety consistency, this particular shape is preferred by theĀ Urasenke School of Chado (tea ceremony).

Unlike the more commonly sold the Matcha whisksĀ in the market,Ā this Chasen isĀ 100% Japanese. Hand-crafted in Takayama town from Japanese-grown bamboo, this Chasen is sealed with aĀ stamp guaranteeingĀ that it is hand-made by a certified traditional craftsman.

Each Chasen is made by hand using a small knife to delicately cut the bamboo into 80-100 fine prongs, each less than 0.1mm at the thinnest point.Ā 

The birthplace of the Chasen is a small town called Yuwa Takayama, and this is where our Chasens are made. Yuwa Takayama has produced over 90% of Chasen in Japan for over 500 yearsĀ and the art has been passed down through generations.Ā 

Our Chasens and Chashaku areĀ Made in Takayama (Nara prefecture) by the Kubo Masaki, the 24th generation of a chasen-making family, and recognized as National Living Treasure for his skills. After cutting, the bamboo has been left to dry for a long period to prevent it from molding.

This chasen was crafted by Kubo Sabun himself inĀ the 3-century old studio of master craftsman Kubo Sabun (24th generation master) in Takayama, Nara, Japan.

100% handmade bamboo whisk from Takayama (Japan)

Ideal for making thin matcha, Usucha (č–„čŒ¶)

Quality and Type
Natural white bamboo grown in Japan, 100 bristles

H:Ā 12 cm, diameter of the handle: 2.5 cm

Care instructions

Before using a chasen for the first time, let it set in hot water for 10 minutes in your matcha bowl, head down. Only dipĀ halfĀ of theĀ hosaki, the strings of the chasen, in the water.

Always moisten the bristles in the warm water you'll use to rinse the bowl, before whisking Matcha.

This will soften the bristles and prolong the life of the Chasen.

After use, rinse the Chasen with lukewarm water or whisk a bowl of clean, warm water.

Dry upside down on a chasen-stand.

Do not use soap or place it in the dishwasher. If any clumps of matcha stick to the bristles, use a soft toothbrush to gently remove them.

Do not leave the base standing in water as it may cause it to crack.

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