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Jasmine Peony

Jasmine Peony

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Type: Black Tea

Origin: Jiangshan, Zhejiang, China

Varietal: Green Peony

Altitude: 1000m

Picking: bud & top leaf

This experimental tea has been specially produced and blended just for HAIYATEA, this is a most unique and light black tea layered with jasmine flowers that are picked in August in Guangxi Province, home to some of the finest jasmine in China. This black tea is made from the Second Harvest of the same tea whose prized First Harvest is what sell as Green Peony.

In this case, the buds were hand-picked in late April, and carefully processed into light black tea. In the most natural and traditional way of fragrance Chinese teas, jasmine blossoms are layered with the black tea, allowing the fragrance of the flowers to permeate into the soft tissue of the leaves. The jasmine blossoms are replaced with fresh ones after hours and this process is repeated 5 times. It takes one month from start to finish to get this from the plantation into your cup.

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