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Osmanthus and Yi Mei Ren Dragonball

Osmanthus and Yi Mei Ren Dragonball

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Origin: Wu Liang Mountain, China
Varietal: YunTai #2
Altitude: 1600m
Picking: 1 leaf / 1 bud

Know your tea: A wonderfully floral and pleasant 'anytime' tea. For breakfast, afternoon tea, as a palate cleanser, digestif or iced tea, this melange of Yi Mei Reng Needle Black Tea with Osmanthus flowers from Wu Liang Mountain is an absolute delight with a luscious viscosity and complex mouthfeel and aroma.

Ingredients: Black tea and Osmanthus flowers.

Tasting Notes: Chocolate, osmanthus, lillies, apricots

Liqueur Body: Amber colored, thick, medium to full bodied.


We encourage you to experiment with the amount of leaves, amount and temperature of water, and infusion times to reach your preferred strength of tea,  but here's a suggestion for this particular tea: 


Pro Tip: Most reinfusions require the same or higher temperatures than the first infusion because the leaves will already be moist, but the time for each reinfusion will first reduce till a certain number of reinfusions, and then it will need to be increased till you've maxed out the potential of the leaves.

Yield: At least 5-8 x 150ml cups/pots

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