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Sun-dried Wild Pu-erh Buds

Sun-dried Wild Pu-erh Buds

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Origin: Mangshi County of Dehong
Varietal: Camellia Assamica Dehongensis
Vintage: Early Spring 2021
Altitude: 1400
Picking: Pure Bud

Know your tea: These buds come from wild-growing Camellia Assamica Dehongensis varietal, that is a sub-varietal of Camellia Sinensis Assamica that grows in the tropical area of Dehong and Lincang in South-Western Yunnan.  The buds are picked in early February and then sun-dried.  The flavor is fresh and a little fruity somewhat similar to a white tea but more complex.

Ingredients: 100% pure tea. No flavorings, essential oils or additives. 

Tasting Notes

Tasting Notes: Earthy, like the forest floor, flower stems, fresh pinewood

Liqueur Body: Light, crisp, delicate.


We encourage you to experiment with the amount of leaves, amount and temperature of water, and infusion times to reach your preferred strength of tea,  but here's a suggestion for this particular tea: 

Pro Tip: Most reinfusions require the same or higher temperatures than the first infusion because the leaves will already be moist, but the time for each reinfusion will first reduce till a certain number of reinfusions, and then it will need to be increased till you've maxed out the potential of the leaves.

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