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Travel Gaiwan Set

Travel Gaiwan Set

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This Travel Gaiwan Set will be every tea stan's best friend on-the-go! Not just for travel, this set is also great for picnics, for slipping into your bag and taking to the office or to a friend's house, because one must always be prepared to drink proper tea. 

With 3 cups, an ultra-fine strainer, a Gaiwan, a pitcher, and a protective casing; this set will ensure that you can instantly make loose leaf tea anytime, anywhere (all you'll need is a source of hot water)! 

Material: Porcelain

Usage Instructions: Unzip the case to carefully remove the contents. Stack the contents back into the pitcher and finally the protective case in exactly the reverse order in which they were removed in. 

Care Instructions: Dishwasher safe. Do not place it in the microwave.

Origin: China. 

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