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Urasenke Shoka no Mukashi Matcha

Urasenke Shoka no Mukashi Matcha

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Named after the 16th and current Grandmaster of the Urasenke tea school, Shoka no Mukashi is a uniquely delicious koicha tea. Its mild, light, sweet and fabulous, gently dissipating flavor is masterfully refined and has a long-lasting finish. The thicker you brew it, the better.

Preparation Guide

STEP 1) Put 4g ( 4 chashaku scoops) matcha powder into a Chawan.
STEP 2) Pour 30 ml (2.4 fl oz) water between 55-80℃ (176°F) over the matcha powder.
STEP 3) Gently knead with a chasen (tea whisk) until smooth and velvety.

❖ Before Step 1, Warm your tea bowl. To. do this, pour hot water in it, then discard all the water and (optional) wipe the bowl dry with a cloth. If you skip this step, your warm water could cool down too quickly as the bowl absorbs the heat, which could turn the matcha bitter.
❖ Sift your matcha powder. (Strongly recommended) Matcha clots easily in water. To prevent this, sift the powder through a fine sifter.
❖ When your matcha is ready, drink it immediately, because as it cools down it might turn bitter. (Recommended)
❖ When it comes to matcha, the fresher the better. We recommend consuming it within a month after opening and storing it in an airtight container in the fridge. 

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