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Asahi Ceremonial Grade Matcha

Asahi Ceremonial Grade Matcha

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This is one of the most special Ceremonial Grade Matchas we've ever had the pleasure of trying. During our most recent trip to Japan, one of our farmers let us try a bowl of matcha that was unlike any other we had ever had thus far. It was creamy, nutty, and slightly toasted, with an incredibly long and sweet finish. 

Upon further inquiry, we discovered that this matcha was still shaded in the very labor-intensive, traditional way, using straw, thus giving this matcha a super rich and decadent flavor with a long finish. 

When we asked the farmer if we could buy some to bring back for our customers, they said they needed a week as they grind the leaves to order! The stock we have on hand was ground only a month ago! 

Very little of the matcha sold as Made in Uji is actually from Uji city itself, and this is one of those rare finds. Equally rare is for Japanese tea to be hand-picked, which this one is!

This is one for the connoisseurs, we only have a few of these on hand and urge the lucky buyers to store this matcha in an airtight container, in the fridge! 

Cultivar: Asahi

Origin: Uji, Japan

Harvest: Spring

Picking: Hand-picked

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