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Ceremonial Grade Matcha - Okumidori

Ceremonial Grade Matcha - Okumidori

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Origin: Wazuka, Kyoto
Cultivar: Okumidori
Tasting Notes: Rich, savory, mango, green pea, coconut, long finish.

Matcha is powdered green tea from Japan, in its purest and most nutrient-rich form, grown, harvested, and processed in a very specific and unique way. It is made of the youngest most tender new tea leaf shoots of the Okumidori cultivar, harvested during Spring after a long winter of accumulating nutrients and sweetness. 3-4 weeks prior to harvest, the Tencha fields (which is the name of the tea leaves that are gently stone-ground into matcha) are shaded. This process makes the plant work harder, thus making it starchier, sweeter, and richer in chlorophyll. The absence of sunlight also makes the plant richer in L-theanine. 

After harvesting, the leaves are steamed, deveined, and stone-ground to a fine, vibrant powder that allows us to consume the soft tissue in all its entirety, imparting a flavor profile quite incomparable to any other tea. 

Know Your Tea: Ceremonial Grade Matcha is the richest in L-Theanine and will give you a calm sense of alertness for hours on end. The flavor profile for our Matcha is complex and umami with a sweet finish, perfect for drinking on its own.  

Preparation Guide 

For a thick Koicha, use 4 grams of matcha powder for 35mls of water, and for a thinner Usucha, use 2 grams of matcha per 70mls of water.  The water should ideally be between 55-65 degrees celsius. 

Pro Tips:

  1. Sift the matcha into the container when you first open it, so you don't have to sift it into your bowl each time

  2. Rinse your Chawan (matcha bowl) with warm water, and soak your Chasen (matcha whisk) in the same warm water. 

  3. Discard the aforementioned water, and place some Matcha into your bowl. Use 2 grams for Usucha or 4 grams for Koicha. 

  4. You can either pour in all your water in one (70ml for Usucha or 35ml for Koicha), or you can first add just enough to make a thick smooth paste and then add in the rest. The water temperature should be between 55-65 degrees celsius. 

  5. Lower your Chasen into your Chawan so that the tip is gently touching the base of the Chawan, and start whisking in a swift 'M' or 'Z' shaped motion, by moving only your wrist, and raising the whisk up to remain only at the surface of the matcha. This will help build a thick, dense, foam, thus resulting in a luscious, velvety texture. 

  6. Consume immediately. 

Storage Instructions

Place your matcha container in an airtight ziplock, in the refrigerator. This will ensure that no odors permeate into the container and your matcha. When you need to use some, quickly take it out of the container, close it tightly and place it back in the airtight ziplock in the fridge. This is important in order to prevent any condensation from building on the inside of the jar. Light, heat, and moisture will damage the Matcha. 

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