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Tea Omakase and Asacha

Tea Omakase and Asacha

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If you're new to but curious about the world of pure, unadulterated, high-quality Chinese, Japanese and Taiwanese teas or would simply like to make new tea friends, join us for an intimate tea-focused Asacha hosted by a certified tea sommelier, in the comfort of her home. 

What We'll Drink: Chinese Green Tea, Japanese Green Tea, Oolong Tea, Red/Black Tea, Puerh Tea and Matcha. And this time only: Yala 

What We'll Do:  We will start off with a light Japanese breakfast, try 6-8 different teas, and offer hands-on practice on how to use a Gaiwan and how to make matcha. 

What We'll Eat: A warm bowl of sushi rice with freshly made Gyokuro furikake, Tsukemono, Dashi braised veggies, Enoki tempura, tea-marinated egg, nuts, sweets and some dessert to pair with your tea :)

You're welcome to ask for as many refills as you'd like! This menu is pescatarian but not vegan.

Time: 10:30 a.m. till 1:00 p.m. 

Date: Saturday, 20th January

Location: Damac Hills.

These tastings will be limited to only 6 guests per session, but if you'd like to book for a bigger group or a different venue, please email us for a bespoke tasting and we'll be happy to accommodate. 

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