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Jade Rings Supreme

Jade Rings Supreme

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Origin: Simao, China
Varietal: ChangYe Bai Hao
Altitude: 1300m
Picking: Tippy pluck

Know your tea: This premium white tea of Simao has been hand-rolled into perfectly symmetrical "earrings". When brewed, the ribbons sink to the bottom of the glass and slowly uncoil. It's a delicate tea that will become bitter if you over-infuse it. This tea is especially fragrant, has a very pleasant mouth-feel and a strong cha qi that lasts throughout many infusions. The rolling of these Jade Earrings is an art form that requires a high level of skill and precision. It is a challenging and time-consuming process that yields spectacularly beautiful tea.

Ingredients: 100% pure tea

Tasting Notes

Tasting Notes: Vegetal, slightly savory, pleasantly astringent


Yield: At least 25 x 150ml cups/pots

Rinse your tea before the first infusion, to 'awaken' the leaves. You can do this by just submerging the leaves in warm water at the prescribed temperature for each particular tea, and then discarding that water. This will also preheat the vessel and prevent the water temperature from drastically falling during the infusion. 

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