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Ladle or Teapot Lid Rest

Ladle or Teapot Lid Rest

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FUTAOKI ‘SHIMITAKE’ is a traditional bamboo ladle rest that can also be used for the lids of teapots in between tea infusions. 

Futaoki are one of the essential tools required for practicing the traditional matcha ceremony but we find them very practical for everyday use as well. 

Origin: Nara, Japan

Material: bamboo

Dimensions: Ro: H: 5.7 cm, d: 4.8 cm (± 0.2 cm); Furo: H: 5 cm, d: 4.3 cm (± 0.2 cm)

Keep away from water. After use, always wipe it dry with a dry cloth.

Store it in a place with good ventilation and humidity not lower than 50%. Bamboo is a sensitive material. If it is stored away in a too-warm and too dry place, it might crack

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