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Matcha Chawan by Maru Oto Iguchi Ceramics

Matcha Chawan by Maru Oto Iguchi Ceramics

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In shades of sea blue and green, this matcha Chawan will transport to the beach. Hand made in the Minoyaki tradition of Gifu Prefecture, the bowl features an oil spot glaze or 'tenmoku' that was allowed to melt and run down the side in firing turning each bowl into a unique item. 

Origin: Japan
Kiln:Maru Oto Iguchi Ceramics
Material: Ceramic
Dimensions:  10.5 cm, Height: 7.5 cm

Tradition: Minoyaki

Handmade Product - Please note that the Chawan (matcha bowl) you receive might look slightly different from the pictures above because each piece is handmade and will differ slightly from the other, especially in the shade and tone of the color. 

Usage & Care

This product has been tested to be free of lead and cadmium contamination. Do not use in the microwave or dishwasher. Hand wash to clean.

Hand Made in Japan

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