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Matcha Office Kit

Matcha Office Kit

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Never settle for matcha that isn't good enough for you, because with this Matcha Office or Picnic Kit, you can take your whole set up with you, anytime, anywhere and enjoy a proper, traditional bowl of ceremonial grade matcha

Items Included:
- 1 Matcha Daigyoku 10g (green tea powder from Hekisuien)
- 1 Chawan Kinkai Nekokakide by Yohei Nakamura (tea bowl)
- 1 Portable small Chasen (tea whisk) and Chashaku (tea scoop) in a bamboo case
- 1 Genji Kago (Portable cart)
- 1 Chakin (cleaning cloth)
- 1 Sunpachi Natsume (tea container) with plastic inner lid
- 1 Textile Coasters 

Tea bowl: clay / Tea whisk and tea scoop: bamboo / Portable cart: bamboo, polyester / Cloth: linen / Tea container: plastic

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