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Saikai Ceramics Porcelain Tea Set

Saikai Ceramics Porcelain Tea Set

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This beautiful gift set features a beautiful design of grapes, one of the seven flowers of autumn in Japan. 

Origin: Hasami, Nagasaki
Tradition: Hasamiyaki
Material: Porcelain

  • Cups¬†-¬†9c m diameter,¬†5 cm height, 170 ml volume
  • Teapot¬†- 12 cm diameter,¬†9 cm height, 400 ml volume

Handmade Product - Please note that the Kyusu you receive might look slightly different from the pictures above because each piece is handmade and will differ slightly from the other, especially in the shade and tone of the color. 

Care Instructions: May be used in the dishwasher and microwave (without the steel strainer).

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