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Starter Kit for Gong Fu Cha - Gaiwan set

Starter Kit for Gong Fu Cha - Gaiwan set

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The Eastern or Gong Fu Cha style of brewing tea comprises not just of a higher leaf:water ratio and shorter infusion, but also a set of Gong Fu Cha tea ware.

This comprises of a Gaiwan (lidded bowl) that came into being around the Ming Dynasty, when the emperor banned the production and sale of powdered tea and commanded that only loose leaf tea be produced and sold in order for it to be more affordable and accessible to the masses. As a result, people started placing lids on the bowls that were previously used for powdered tea, and the Gaiwan was born. The lid was used to hold back the tea leaves; initially, people would drink straight from it. Some people still do. 

In the Gong Fu Cha style of tea preparation, the Gaiwan is used for brewing the tea, and then it is strained into a Fairness Pitcher before being divided amonst the cups. This does two things: 1. It mixes the liqueur evenly before being divided amongst several cups and 2. It prevents the tea from over-infusing (which would happen if the leaves are left sitting in the water. 


This Jade Porcelain ready-to-gift Starter Kit includes: 

  • Gaiwan (with saucer)
  • Fairness Pitcher 
  • Strainer
  • Stand for strainer
  • 6 tea cups 

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