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Tokoname Rustic Style Tea Pitcher (Yuzamashi)

Tokoname Rustic Style Tea Pitcher (Yuzamashi)

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In order to prevent your tea from over-infusing, and to ensure that the liqueur mixes evenly before it's poured into the cups, we always encourage serious tea drinkers to decant their tea liqueur into a pitcher. This rustic style clay pitcher is made by Maekawa Junzo, the son of a certified traditional craftsman. He was born in Tokoname and trained in Kyoto and Seto.

Maker: Tokonameyaki ware
Artisan: Maekawa Junzō
Material: Clay
Capacity: 130 ml / 4.4 oz (filled to 80%)
Dimensions: Φ 10 cm, H: 5.5 cm
Origin: Tokoname, Japan

Handmade Product - Please note that the Kyusu you receive might look slightly different from the pictures above because each piece is handmade and will differ slightly from the other, especially in the shade and tone of the color. 

Care Instructions: Because this pitcher is made of porous clay, we encourage you to only hand wash it, and make sure you rinse and dry it well after every use. Refrain from using soap, harsh chemicals, dishwasher, or microwave. 

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